PM Modi a brilliant politician: President
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 18-Mar-2017

Mumbai, Mar 18: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a brilliant politician. He grasps new things faster. He has a firm grip and proper understanding of issues ranging from economics to foreign affairs”.

So said, President Pranab Mukherjee. Showering praises on Prime Minister Modi while speaking at the ‘India Today Conclave’ here on Friday, the President wholeheartedly praised the Prime Minister. The event is organised by ‘India Today’ television news channel.

The President said that people have pinned high hopes and expectation from Prime Minister Modi. The government under his leadership is taking bold decisions. Modi likes to take risks and I am fully confident of his decisions. I also positive towards him, Mukherjee said.

In his address surrounding democracy, governance and behaviour of people’s representatives, the President applauded the recent victories of BJP in UP, Uttarakhand and other states under the clear steering of Prime Minister Modi. He, however, warned against the ‘majoritarianism’ saying that those in power must take the nation along with at all times.

He was all praise for Modi’s clarity about governance. The Prime Minister had said that the elections are won on the majority vote but consensus and dialogue formed the bedrock of good governance. This is the Indian tradition. The President upheld this observation of the Prime Minister while expressing deep concern over the behaviour of the parliamentarians in the House.

“Consultation and consensus is the best and often the only way forward,” Mukherjee said in his speech. Mukherjee was also impressed by PM Modi's felicitation speech following the party’s resounding win and “was extremely happy to hear PM Modi speak about the need for humility in the aftermath of BJP’s big wins”.

“He said that while electoral verdicts are determined on the basis of ‘bahumat’ (majority), the states will be governed by the principle of ‘sarvamat’ (consensus). This is indeed India’s tradition and what the large majority of our people desire to see in action,” the President said.

Touching the issue of frequent disruption in Parliament Mukherjee said that it pains him “because my entire public life has been defined by my role in Parliament”. He added that it is difficult for him to stand and watch this fundamental pillar of Indian democracy being rendered ineffective.

“There is absolutely no justification for constant disruption of proceedings, low level of attendance, shrinking in the number of days that the Parliament and state legislatures meet and the irresponsible manner in which important legislation, including the budget and financial proposals, get passed with hardly any discussion,” he said.

The President, therefore, urged both the ruling party and the Opposition “to break this vicious cycle” of disruptions, disorderly behaviour and work in tandem towards the development of the country.