Government will act strongly against the illegal land grabbers : Assam Revenue Minister
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 02-Mar-2017

Guwahati, March 2: Expressing a deep concern over the illegal land grabbing in the state Assam Revenue Minister Pallab Lochan Das said that large amount of water bodies, forest lands and tribal lands across the state are stuck with the problem of encroachment. He was replying to a question by AGP lawmaker Ramendra Narayan Kalita in the state assembly.

Briefing about the government’s plan of action minister informed that government has initiated a survey to find out the total area under encroachment. He also mentioned the 2011 Supreme Court guidelines for the determination of land under encroachment. The SC guideline is yet to be executed, said minister.

"After the completion of the survey, the state government will have the complete data about different kinds of land under encroachment in different places of the state," Das said. The state government is working on the Integrated Land management system which will provide real time details about the status of a particular land, said minister.

Addressing the problem of genuine landless citizens das assured that administration will take appropriate steps for the rehabilitation and other issues. He particularly underlined that government will evict all the encroachers from forest lands, tribal lands and water bodies for violating the law.