Uproot Congress party from entire Manipur: BJP Chief Amit Shah
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 02-Mar-2017

Imphal, March 2 : 
Sharpening his attack on the congress led Manipur government ahead of the crucial state elections, BJP president Amit Shah said that congress party does not have any agenda for the development and hence diverting the relevant issues pertaining to the interest of common man.

Addressing a poll rally shah underlined, “Manipur will continue to fall backwards and suffer if the corrupted Congress remains in power as their only focus are on deducting commission”. He further added that people should vote out congress party for the overall development and welfare of the state.

Urging people to give absolute majority in the state BJP chief promised that his party will take all the necessary steps to reinstate the declining law and order situation in the state due to ongoing economic blocked. He also assured that BJP will take path breaking decisions in order to transform Manipur into a model state within 5 years.

Blaming congress for not taking enough steps for the betterment of common citizen Shah said, “During the 15 years rule of Congress, it has been enjoying an uber lifestyle by plundering from public ex-chequer”. “It is the right time for the people to take revenge and act against the irresponsible Congress government of the state, by voting them out” Shah said.

Commenting on the issue related to Naga accord shah narrated that his government will safeguard the interest of the citizens by protecting the territorial boundary of the state. “BJP government in the state will give the taste of true democracy to the people of the Manipur” said BJP Chief.