RSS exposes Communists, condemns violence against Kerala activists
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 02-Mar-2017

Nagpur, March 2: Giving a clarion call to boycott the Communist ideology, RSS Sarkaryawah Suresh alias Bhayyaji Joshi on Wednesday termed the Communist ideology as anti-humanity and destructive thought.

Addressing a huge gathering of thousands who had gathered at Samvidhan Chowk here to protest the mindless attacks and killing of nationalist activists and other opponents by the Marxists in Kerala, Bhayyaji Joshi said that while the Communist ideology has lost its ground in Russia and China, it is still holding in some Indian states like Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura. Under the guise of democracy-savers, they have unleashed violence against their opponents, mainly the RSS activists bearing the brunt of these attacks in Kerala.

The protests were organised by “Lokadhikar Manch- A Voice for Democracy”. Thousands of youth, elderly persons and women gathered at the Samvidhan Chowk carrying banners, posters and placards denouncing the Left Front government in Kerala in strong words.

Former Kerala State BJP President V Muralidharan, Uday Bhaskar Nayar, C A Kailash Jogani, Tejinder Singh Renu, Raje Mudhoji Raje Bhonsale, Col (Retd) Bipin Vaidya, Dr Vijay Kumar of Lokadhikar Manch, Mayor Pravin Datke, MLA Anil Sole, MRM Maharashtra state Convener Mohd. Farooq Shaikh, MLA Dr Milind Mane, Adv Narendra Gondane and others were conspicuous by their present.

Bhayyaji Joshi further said that ever since the Left Front government took over in Kerala, there has been an escalation in attacks against the RSS and other Hindu organisations activists, besides some other opponents and even a famous actress. During the short span of 8 months, as many as 12 RSS swayamsevaks were brutally eliminated in Kerala.

This violence has exposed the inhuman and anti-humanity face of the Marxist, he said calling for a nationwide boycott of these leftists and their violent ideology.

He said that India has a tradition of welcoming all good and noble thoughts from all over the world. We do not harbour the tradition of hate and violence but we may reject such thoughts and ideologies that are detrimental to the national interests. And the ideology of Communism is one such ideology that threatens the national interests, he added.

Both Communists and the RSS began their work in India in 1925, Joshi said adding that the RSS is growing fast with wider acceptance from cross sections of the society, while the communism is shrinking in its base. It is only limited to Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura at present and the communist leaders are afraid of losing their identity. Hence, they have resorted to such brutal and inhuman violent attacks to eliminate their ideological adversaries.

Now they are trying to confuse the students in the name of freedom of expression, the RSS Sarkaryawah said Kerala has been the land of Adi Shankara, and Narayanguru who gave the message of peace and brotherhood. Such a land has fallen prey to violent ideology of communism is unfortunate.

They are not sparing women, elders and even children, he said adding that similar situation exists in West Bengal also. Their standing crop is burnt, pets are attacked and houses are set on fire.

In view of such brutal attacks, these people should have no place in our country. The patience of the society is waning away and it is high time for the state government to take steps to control such happenings and ensure safety and security to the citizens, the RSS Sarkaryawah demanded warning them to stay away from power if they are unable to ensure peace and safety to people.

Referring to the countrywide protests on this issue, Bhayyaji Joshi said that the people of the nation have rallied behind the victims of Communist violence and their families in Kerala. He appealed to the Centre to take cognizance of the violent happenings in Kerala and take proper constitutional steps to stop them.

In his brief address, V Muralidharan said that Kerala is yearning for a change and that wave of change is visible which has disturbed the Marxists in the state. He said that in these 8 months over 2 lakh crimes were registered in the state besides the killing spree indulged in by the state-sponsored Leftist goons and hooligans.

Kerala has voted for the change by sending an MLA from Thiruvananthapuram to the State assembly. On this occasion, Adv Narendra Gondane, Shubh Lakshmi of Kerala, Shreyas Senad expressed their views. BJYM leader Shivani Dani conducted the program.

A protest march was also organised after the meeting from Samvidhan Chowk to All India Radio Square where a delegation had gone to the Collector and submitted a memorandum to him. The march was led by V Murlidharan, Anil Sole, Dr Milind Mane, Dr Ravindra Joshi, and other office-bearers of the Lokadhikar Manch.

The angry youths were carrying tricolor and placards with slogans that read “CPM = Communist Party of Murderers”, “Hinduon par atyachar nahi sahega Hindusthan”, “CPM Hi-Hi”. The march went off peacefully.