Dalai Lama praises India, says can give knowledge of spiritualism apart from modernism
Source :News Bharati English   Date :20-Mar-2017

Bhopal, March 20: Today the world needs education of love, sympathy and friendship and not materialism. India can give the world knowledge of spiritualism also apart from modernism said Dharmaguru Dalai Lama at a Narmada Seva Yatra programme in Madhya Pradesh on Sunday.

While praising the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan the Religious Leader said that Shivraj has done a commendable job in the field of environment and water conservation through the Narmada Seva Yatra in the state. He said that the efforts of the state’s Chief Minister towards environment and water conservation are commendable.

Dalai Lama said, he had discussion with the CM on serious issues and agreed to him. He said we would have to make continuous efforts and work hard for the progress of human beings. Only talking about it will not help. We would have to maintain cleanliness and keep the environment and water clean and pure.

Embeded ObjectWhile giving stress on Women`s role in Development he said that Women should play a more active role in development. Women are more sensitive as compared to men. To make the world a better place, focus should be more on development of women.

India is an agricultural dominated country. Most of the public lives in villages hence the development of rural areas is most important. The facilities available in cities must be available in rural areas also. Technical development is important but food, water and clean air for every person is more important. I appreciate the Chief Minister for his idea of village development. There should be university for education and cinema for entertainment in villages besides well-equipped hospitals, said Dharmaguru.Embeded Object