Want to know when did the massive black hole gobbled up its last meal?
Source :News Bharati English   Date :21-Mar-2017

Dispur, March 21: An Assam scientist named Rongmon Bordoloi, has lead breakthrough research in United States where his study predicted about the ‘black hole’s last big meal’. Bordoloi’s research predicted that super massive black hole consumed its last big meal six million years ago.

Rongmon Bordoloi along with his team led the research in US from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Bordoloi, is one of the 17 scientists selected for the Hubble fellowship. He has a PhD in Physics from ETH Zurich.

They used Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope to calculate the age of colossal bubbles of gas associated with that last meal. "These observations allowed us to map the velocity of the gas and calculate when the bubbles formed," Bordoloi said. We could map the motion of the gas because we are a part of the Milky Way. This vantage point gives us a front-row seat to do this, he added.

"For the first time, we have traced the motion of cool gas throughout one of the bubbles, which allowed us to map the velocity of the gas and calculate when the bubbles formed," said Bordoloi in a press statement. "What we find is that a very strong, energetic event happened 6 million to 9 million years ago. It may have been a cloud of gas flowing into the black hole, which fired off jets of matter, forming the twin lobes of hot gas seen in X-ray and gamma-ray observations. Ever since then, the black hole has just been eating snacks, Bordoloi added.

"Since his childhood, he had this will to find a third angle in everything. It is this curiosity and the will to have an in-depth observation that helped him to make this finding. He would never rest until he understood the science underlying a phenomenon," Pradip Bordoloi, his father said.