Maharashtra Doctors Strike: 500 Security guards to be recruited for protection of doctors
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 21-Mar-2017

Mumbai, March 21: More than 4000 doctors in Maharashtra have gone on ‘mass leave’ to protest against the inadequate security provided to them. They are protesting against the violent incidents that took place when family members of patients attacked the doctors of hospitals.More than 400 surgeries were postponed as the doctors went on mass leave. This came against two incidents that took place and were reported from Wadia Maternity Hospital in Parel and Aurangabad where doctors were assaulted by relatives of patients. Also there was another incident that recently occurred in Dhule, which took place on March 14.

Dr Yash Kabra, president of the Central Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors said that “As many as 45 cases have been registered in the last three years under the Doctors’ Protection Act. But so far, not one case has reached the stage of conviction.” Under the Doctor’s Protection Act, the prison terms of three years is given to those who found guilty. The protestors said that it the actions should be made more stringent or else it won’t make any difference for people.

One of the spokesperson from Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors MARD said that “We have been assured that around 500 security personnel will be deputed from the Maharashtra State Security Corporation latest by April 1. A total of 1,130 people will be recruited for colleges all over Maharashtra by April-end. The decision to resume work rests with each doctor and how secure he or she feels.”

Mumbai Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar has also assured the doctors that the rule to restrict the entry of patients’ relatives to two will be followed more strictly. “We have also given directives for an alarm system to be installed in the wards.”