Afghanistan slams Pakistan saying, ‘Pakistan providing safe haven to terrorism’
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 22-Mar-2017

Washington, March 22: Afghanistan again attacked at Pakistan over Hostess of terrorists in Atlantic Council on Tuesday. Afghanistan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani has said that terror groups continue to have safe havens in Pakistan and its establishment provides unhindered support to terrorists. Also Afghanistan urged the Trump Administration to put pressure on Pakistan to stop using terrorism as an instrument of state policy.

He said that the Ghani government, soon after coming to power in Afghanistan tried to open a new chapter of relationship with Islamabad, but unfortunately, they have not so far seen practical steps taken by Pakistan in this regard.

“Despite our collective efforts, defeating terrorism in Afghanistan and the region are, fundamentally, dependent on eliminating terrorist safe-havens in countries that harbor terrorists. They must end their sponsorship of terrorism through continual flow of financial, moral and material aid”, Afghanistan said.

To this end, we must pursue various measures, through several mechanisms and forums, including our bilateral strategic partnership agreements and the UN Security Council to ensure a paradigm shift.

We have always chosen cooperation over confrontation. Yet, some in our region have not been reciprocal in their approach, consistently undermining our efforts to end violence and reach peace through a negotiated political settlement.

Pakistan’s reluctance to end its support for terrorism underpins the continuation of violence in Afghanistan and the region. And this constitutes a violation of our territorial integrity, as Pakistan violates our airspace and frequently shells eastern Afghanistan.

These routine violations undermine any prospect of normal bilateral relations, and pose a serious threat to peace and security in our region and beyond, said Foreign Minister.

Salahuddin Rabbani said that earlier this week, we again engaged with the Government of Pakistan at a trilateral initiative convened in London, hosted by the Government of the United Kingdom. Discussions focused on a mechanism, through which outstanding issues could be resolved.

We have encouraged Pakistan to seize the opportunity by adopting a new approach and joining the responsible members of the international community that adhere to the principles of the UN Charter. Except for one neighbor, the Government of National Unity is pleased with progress in advancing relations with the wider group of countries in our region, with whom we have also signed partnership agreements, Rabbani added.

Meanwhile, Rabbani praised the role of India for the all-round development of Afghanistan. He said India has been a country that has supported Afghanistan for 15 years and has been busy in building schools, colleges, hospitals, roads and bridges. Foreign Minister said that India is an important partner providing support where their means has allowed. We have encouraged India to further expand our cooperation based on the Indo-Afghan strategic partnership agreement.