River has an important role in strengthening ties with Nepal: Uma Bharti
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 22-Mar-2017

New Delhi, March 21: Uma Bharti, Union Minister of Water Resources was called by Nepalese Irrigation Minister Deepak Giri for strengthening river water co-operation with Nepal and assured full cooperation from the Himalayan country over Indo-Nepal river issues on Tuesday.Uma Bharti suggested Deepak Giri to form a Joint Development Authority for Kosi River on the lines of Pancheshwar Development Authority. Kosi is the common river which flows in Nepal and India both which frequently changes its course, is known as the "sorrow of Bihar" as floods caused by it have led to the suffering a large number people in the state.

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Uma Bharti asserted that “River has an important role in strengthening ties with Nepal”. “Rivers are for love not for dispute” she added.  Discussion about Pancheshwar, Bharti said that India will extend all help to Nepal for developing its water bodies as an important tourist attraction. Nepalese citizens will be provided by good employment and business opportunity.

“There will be full co-operation from Nepalese side for Indo-Nepal river co-operation” promised Nepalese Minister. Deepak Giri also extended an invitation to Uma Bharti to visit Nepal.