Source: News Bharati English23 Mar 2017 10:41:41

New Delhi, March 23: The Rajya Sabha has passed the Employees Compensation (Amendment) Bill, 2016. The bill provides for payment of compensation to the employees and their defendants in case of injury by industrial accidents including occupational diseases arising out of and in course of employment resulting in death or disablement.

The Employees Compensation Bill was passed by a voice vote in Rajya Sabha after Labour and Employment Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said the government was committed to ensuring protection of jobs, wages, social security and fair wages to the workers.

Replying to a debate on the bill, Labour and Employment Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said, the  bill makes it obligatory for the employer to inform the employee of his rights to compensation, in writing as well as through electronic means. He said, the bill provides for raising the penalty for violation of the Act to 50 thousand rupees from five thousand rupees as earlier which may be extended one lakh rupees.