Virat Kohli is a great leader; he drags whole team and nation with him
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 23-Mar-2017

Melbourne, March 23: Australian cricket legend and former captain Adam Gilchrist praised the India`s star cricketer Virat kohli on Thursday. Gilchrist has called Virat Kohli a great leader and said controversies are integral part of India-Australia cricket competition.

While launching the Indian sandalwood company's new name 'Quintis' Gilchrist said, “Kohli is a great leader. He drags his team and his nation with him.” Kohli is yet to fire in the ongoing series against Australia and the Indian skipper is due for big runs in the fourth and final Test in Dharamsala, I’m fearful Kohli is due for a lot of runs", he said.

"It has been an exceptional series but both the teams may sit back in the end and think they may have said something differently. But we can all move on and I'm glad that it has not escalated to the really nasty scenario in 2008 that dragged on and on," Gilchrist said.

"Everyone was frustrated and that is a part of history between the two teams. At the end of the day there is a lot of respect between the two teams because they fear each other as opponents. Both the teams are fine competitors, the legendary wicket-keeper batsman said.

"It has been a wonderful series, Australia has performed extremely well. So many people are saying to me it is the best series they have seen in India since 2001. That (2001) series was extraordinary and India came out on top but who knows what lies ahead," he added.