Kerala becomes the first state to launch education program for LGBT community in India
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 23-Mar-2017

Thiruvananthapuram, March 23: In order to uplift the transgender community and provide them equal status with all the basic needs like education Kerala is stepping forward by launching an education program for LGBT community. Kerala becomes the first state to take such initiative.

“Kerala would be the first state to bring a continuing education program for the LGBT community. The classes will begin in May. Many of them had abandoned education at various levels due to their inhibitions coupled with the discrimination they faced,” said Literacy Mission director Dr P S Sreekala.

The director said the mission has started a 10-day survey to identify transgenders who want to continue their studies. As part of the survey, selected transgenders would meet their peers in all districts. “The transgenders would generally open up only before members from their own community. Hence, we have selected them to conduct the survey,” Sreekala added.

The literacy mission has equivalent programs for fourth, seventh, tenth and twelfth classes. Depending upon the existing educational background of the transgenders, they would be put in any of the four groups. Textbooks and tools of the ongoing continuing education programs would be used to teach the LGBT members. They will be taught in special sessions conducted on holidays and weekends in all districts of the state.

Last year, Kerala had become the first state to introduce a policy aimed at bringing transgenders to the mainstream. Kerala is the first state with transgender policy which aims at ending the social stigma towards this sexual minority group and helps them with non-discrimination and justice. These initiatives ensure TG community, equal access to social and economic opportunities, resources and services, right to equal treatment under the law, right to live life without violence and equal rights in decision-making bodies.