Big blow to Mamata; 400 Trinamool members join BJP
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 23-Mar-2017

Agartala, March 23: Bharatiya Janta Party BJP has swept its saffron wave throughout the country. No wonder around 400 members who belonged to Trinamool Congress Party TMC including 16 of the total 65 state committee members of TMC have joined BJP today in Tripura.The President of Tripura unit of Bharatiya Janta Party, Biplab Deb and Union Minister of Railways of Tripura, Rajen Gohain passionately handed their saffron flag to welcome Ratan Chakraborty, the former Chairman of Tripura unit of Trinamool Congress in BJP along with the other members belonging to Trinamool Congress Party.

In a press conference Ratan Chakraborty, the former Chairman of Tripura unit while joining BJP, said that "BJP is the only political party in the country, which attached maximum importance to develop the backward north eastern region. I have full confidence that BJP would be able to free the state from the clutches of CPM and form a government in the 2018 elections to give relief to the people.”

Stating that he joined BJP "unconditionally", Chakraborty said, he would strengthen the party by bringing more TMC workers under the BJP banner. Nitai Chowdhuri, a state committee member of TMC, who joined the BJP said, altogether 16 members of the state committee of the total 65 have joined the BJP on Thursday. Rajen Gohain said, “the BJP would get absolute majority in the 2018 state elections in Tripura and the ruling CPM would be washed away in a saffron tsunami".