EVMs used in India are the most secured: ECI
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 27-Mar-2017

New Delhi, March 27: After seeing the debate regarding electronic voting machines (EVM) which is still prevailing, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has said that India uses the best and most secure machines anywhere in the world. "It completely reaffirms its faith in the infallibility of the EVMs these are fully tramper-proof as ever" and "Baseless, speculative and wild allegations are being made which deserve to be rejected", they added.
“Till date 107 elections to states and three parliamentary polls have been smoothly conducted using the EVMs” said ECI. ECI says that the EVMs are the foolproof machines which were even used during the 2014 elections where all addresses to the parliament that the decision was fair.

According to ECI, the world's oldest democracy the United States of America still often resorts to paper ballots; it is not possible for every country that they can boast electronic voting. The Indian electronic voting machine is a stand-alone battery powered robust white coloured device very similar in performance to a very basic calculator.

After analyzing the data from the non-profit National Democratic Institute, Washington DC about a dozen countries have used remote Internet voting for binding political elections or votes that include Canada, Estonia, France and Switzerland.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is still sticking to the point that the EVMs are tampered. BSP in their tweet said that the expert Hari Krishna Prasad Vemuru who was awarded by America's prestigious ' Pioneer Award ' in research proved that the machines could be rigged and election results can be done on one side was sentence to a year jail. “EVMs are not just technically wrong, but Ethically, Morally and legally wrong” claimed BSP head Mayawati.

BSP tweet

To this Supreme Court and Election Commission reverted saying that the EVM used by India are not based on internet while other nations used internet based EVMs. This mean the EVMs used in other nations can be hacked easily but not the EVMs which are used in India. Hence India's EVMs are the most secure than any other machines in the other nations.