It's important to accept defeat and learn from your mistakes
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 03-Mar-2017

Bengaluru, March 3: India captain Virat Kohli said that it is important to accept defeats. We lost the Pune match because of lack of intent and sometimes such losses are necessary for the team, said the feisty captain in a pre-match press conference.

“We have to test a lot of things. Sometimes such defeats are necessary. This gave us a platform to understand where we lacked. It happens very rarely that the whole team does not perform, this is what happened in the last match. We learnt a lot from that loss," Kohli said.

He said, obviously you will want to forget a bad result but it's important that you take it to heart. It's important that you learn from it. If you ignore it then you can't improve. It's important to accept that we lost the Test match because of a lack of intent and because the other team played better cricket than us.

If your ego is hurt and you ignore it then that thing piles on. If you play well every day, every session, then you will win the Test match. We didn't do that. You will not get to see a performance like that again; that I can assure you, Kohli told media.

"Even if we win or lose, our preparation remains the same. The intensity remains the same even if we lose or win a match. Basically you don't change the practice depending upon the result. Australia played better cricket," Captain added.

Earlier, The Indians were hammered by 333 runs in the first Test inside three days in a stunning defeat, which ended their 19-match unbeaten streak.