Vote to BJP for inclusive development; all round progress of poor: PM Modi
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 03-Mar-2017

Lucknow, March 3: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that if poverty, unemployment and diseases are removed from Uttar Pradesh, the country will automatically progress. Addressing an election rally in Mirzapur today, Senior BJP leader said if these evils are removed, the state has potential to lead the country's development. This election will decide who will shape the future of youth in the state and who will provide safety and security to women.During his address, Modi thanked the people and said that Elections in Uttar Pradesh has turned into an 'Utsav' of freeing the state from the misrule of SP, BSP, Congress. He emphasized that this election in UP is a fight for the rights of the poor, fight to provide equal opportunities to the youth. UP elections are about giving opportunities to the state's youth, ensuring the safety of people, all round progress of poor, he said. Uttar Pradesh has the potential to take the whole country forward he further added.Embeded ObjectModi attacked the Samajwadi Government and said that they started various projects but could not finish them. When Mulayam Singh was the Chief Minister of UP, he promised opening up of two new bridges, but why is it that they aren't made yet, he said. He further said that there are wires laid but no electricity in UP and the Government is aware of this, what kind of development is this?

PM took a dig at the BSP party and said, BSP leader took away stones from Mirzapur for building statues but later when questioned, the leader shied away and said it came from Rajasthan. PM further said that the Brass industry is destroyed by SP-BSP governments in the state which destroyed opportunities for youth and leads to an exodus. He said, UP government never paid attention to development works in the state. Brass industry in UP has been shut.Embeded ObjectPM took a dig at the corruption level in the state and said, From lodging FIRs to jobs, from pension schemes to ration card, termite of corruption has badly gripped Uttar Pradesh. He also said that election is the best way of defeating corruption and the political parties that encourage it.  He also said that the state lacks progress. He said that Uttar Pradesh has so much potential but the present Samajwadi Government is not interested in development at all.Embeded ObjectHe attacked the opposition and said that the Government at the state is not giving benefits of schemes to the people. He asked why is it that only 14% farmers get the benefit of the crop insurance scheme while about 60% farmers get benefitted by it in the BJP ruled states? PM Modi highlighted that he has started a fight against corruption and black money and he will continue to fight it, he added.Embeded Object