‘Padharo Mharo Des’ - Land of Royalty welcomes you all to celebrate #RajasthanDay
Source :News Bharati English   Date :30-Mar-2017

Jaipur, March 30: “Padharo Mharo Des” the anthem of Rajasthan where the art and royalty hug each other to portray its flamboyant culture. Rajasthan is known for its varied traditions that depict the lifestyle of royal kings and the architecture of the elegant palaces. Rajasthan has a glorious past which still has its impact.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the people of Rajasthan on the ocassion of Rajasthan Day. The name itself states- ‘Land of Rajas’, is the land of Rajputs. The land that gave bold and royal warriors was full of valor, charismatic, romance and rich in wealth. Rajasthan is defined due to its desert, mountain ranges, dense forests, barren fields etc. Also Rajasthan receives its energy from its people. As the people are simple and happy in spite of all the difficult conditions they are put to face. The dryness and dullness of their surroundings has taught them the value of colors, which they reflect in their costumes, in their paintings, in their handicraft and even in their thoughts.

Being a land of velour and struggle and cradle of so many Rajput kingdoms, almost the whole of Rajasthan seems teeming with palaces, royal, monuments and above all, picturesque forts. Rajasthan entails the colorful tradition, folk dances, music, camels, palaces and many more beautiful things.  An energetic and a vibrant state where royal glory and tradition meets the colors of this world, contradicting the vast area of desserts and sand lays a perfect blend of people, culture, tradition, music, architecture, cuisine all in one pot.

The living soul of the people lies in there folk music and dance which also add a glamour in their hard lives. People in this state are very fun loving and energetic. They have highly cultivated classical and folk dances which have been a part of their culture for growing generations now. All the traditionally based old dance forms are still practiced religiously. Some of the peculiar dance forms are kaibelia dance, Ghoomar dance, Chari dance, Kacchi -Ghodi , fire dance and terah taai.

Festivals embellish the richness of Rajasthani culture, making the lives of Rajasthanis so full of colour and festivity. Unlike other festivals, Desert festivals are exclusive to Rajasthani culture and the people fete in gusto culture of Rajasthan. Camels are also a special attraction of the festival. In fact the festival plate certain wonderful game tricks perform by the camels that are part and parcel of Rajasthanis. Unique hard work is done in attiring the animal and prepares them to participate in the extravagant competition for judging the camel apparels. Other interesting competitions are the moustache and turban tying competitions and the people wholeheartedly enjoys these festivities.

The desert region of Rajasthan has its unique aura to cast spell not only to the localities as well as to the whole world. Lifestyle, naturally, is curbed out under this influence and thus creates a huge impact on the whole of Rajasthani culture. The brightness of its life, the legends of its heroism and romance are all captured in the vibrant and evocative music of this desert land. The richness and diversity of Rajasthani music comes from its old and undisturbed tradition. Rajasthan- the land of royalty is a glittering jewel set in the golden sands of a barren deserts landscape.