Kerala killings are last ditch battle of Marxist-Maoist-Illiberal nexus
Source :News Bharati English   Date :04-Mar-2017

National media has labelled Kerala-based Communist violence as a fight between Marxists & the RSS. The same media sat silent for years when non-CPM activists were killed routinely or maimed mercilessly in Kerala because it was obviously so one sided and so far off their comfortable perches in Delhi or Mumbai.  

First, let us be clear, this violence is NOT about CPM vs RSS. This violence is about CPM vs all non-believers of Marx as understood by Communist Party of India (Marxist).

It is blood thirst of a Communist Party that worships Gods like Stalin, Lenin and Mao. Stalin is said to have noted, “Extreme hatred is the basis of our success.” These three great leaders of the Communist movement and their devotees in North Korea, Latin America and East Europe etc. between themselves, account for nearly 10 crores or 100 million Communism-inspired deaths in the 20th Century.

Deserters of their movement are the most despised lot, irrespective of their religion, caste, age or sex. Yes, CPM is truly secular! Their Kangaroo Courts decide whether a person is to be killed or maimed cruelly for life as a lesson to other deserters. For example, the fate of Sadanandan Master was sealed by The Party ‘Courts’ when he left CPM and joined the RSS. It was decided to hack off his legs so he becomes a lesson to other deserters. Fazal, a Muslim, was mercilessly killed for deserting the Party by three people chasing him down the lanes. Church called CPM as the party of goons.  AISA – the student wing of Communist Party (Leninist-Maoist) for whom Comrade Sitaram Yechury is seen crying buckets in Delhi, complained bitterly about not being allowed to have their organisation in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

A young Muslim League member Aslam was killed by Marxist goons.  Mute animals like snakes, crocodiles and monkeys of MV Raghavan’s animal hospital were burned alive by Marxist goons when they were not able to kill in spite of a number of attempts. Remember, Raghavan was one of the founding members of the Communist movement in Kerala, but deserted it. He, an apostate, had no right to live, nor his helpless animals. Congress party members too are not spared of violence. It is sad that Congress has no guts to complain and meekly waits for its turn to come to power with help of Muslim League.

This list is long – approximately, 250 dead and 600+ badly maimed - but no journalist will take care to analyse such a list. That is too risky and requires one to do some serious research work on the ground. Of all the lists, list of RSS-BJP workers would be longest because only RSS cadre has kept working on the ground, stood for their selfless work and grown hugely – much to the chagrin of CPM.  I would be obliged if any votary of the “Tit-for-Tat” idea could compile a ‘score card’ of victims of CPM vs CPM victims. It would expose CPM propaganda of CPM vs RSS street fights. But, journalists are aware that even they are not immune to violence from Marxists.

It is sad that media chose to initiate debates on Kerala Killing Fields only after an RSS worker, pained beyond endurance ranted about avenging killings by offering price for Chief Minister Pinnarayi Vijayan’s head. It was condemnable no doubt, and RSS took action against him. But, imagine the angst among RSS swayamsevaks in Kerala who face the brunt of this violence with no chance of justice as entire law enforcing machinery is controlled by CPM government and cadre. 

No intellectual or writer gave vent to this pain except Advaita Kala. RSS workers’ marked restraint and fight back in self-defence when attacked in their homes and on open grounds of shakha is ironically treated as violence equal to barbaric CPM led violence. It is difficult to find a worse kind of equivalence.

In Kerala, a High Court judge in 2008 exclaimed, “Lucky are those who die a natural death in Thallasery.” He also complained about police attitude and transferred Fasal’s murder case to CBI!

How does a Marxist-Maoist become heartless, cruel killing machine? As noted above, it is built-into their learning of Maoism-Leninism-Stalinism. They are as exclusivist and totalitarian as Islamist Jihadis. This is the reason Pinnarayi Vijayan finds it convenient to seek Coimbatore bomb explosion accused Madani’s bail and happily sit with him for photo-op. 

This trend follows earlier 3 decades of violent Communist rule in Bengal dominated by CPM again. Who can forget Nandigram? Pinnarayi went so far as to appreciate Jyoti Basu-led CPM’s methodology of eliminating enemies of CPM leaving no proof. Abdul Kutty, ex-CPM in his biography talks about Pinnarayi Vijayan approvingly quoting Bengal method, wherein, an opponent caught alive would be killed, stuffed in a gunny bag, lowered into deep pit and covered with layers of salt so no evidence was left.

This is the violent enemy Indian democracy is struggling against. They belong to same Marxist-Maoist parivar that has spawned violent Naxalite movement that seeks to overthrow democracy and democratic governments.

These very people disguising themselves as Human Rights activists and pro-Feminists are perpetrating crimes against ‘non-believers’ of all hues. These people, who cannot stand any Freedom of Opinion where they dominate, cry about freedom to exploit democracy and further their violent agenda.

These same group of people run ‘Stop Modi’ campaign, ‘Award Wapsi’, ‘Intolerance debate’, ‘Attack on Church’, ‘Dadri Outrage’ and so on, but turn deathly silent when same FOE is demanded by alternative voices – be they Hindus, Christians or Muslims. Their eloquent silence on harassment and violence against women like Taslima Tasreen, Rupa Ganguly, ban and murder threats to Tarek Fateh, Salman Rushdie, riots in Muslim-dominated Bengal districts like Malda, Dulagarh, stopping of Durga puja or immersion et al speaks for itself. They would talk of limits of free speech when confronted with Charlie Hebdo related terror attacks and murders but wish no limit to free speech when they talk of breaking India.

These groups now use Neo-Leftism and create disquiet in the society in the name of Cultural Studies and Cultural Struggles inventing any cause that will disturb a society. The same tactic is used by them all over the world.

With this background you can understand the desperation of Maoist-Marxist groupings when they find themselves exposed in Kerala and all over India even as they are marginalised by common voters of India. They have been left to fend for themselves in small corners of Kerala and Tripura and wait for some great leader they are searching in pygmies like Kanhaiya Kumar, Khalid Umar and Shehla Rashid etc.  

They will not stop their efforts at destabilisation. They will use college campuses to spread disaffection among students; beginning from where they are entrenched with help of Left supporting establishment nurtured over last seven decades by Nehruvian nexus and then spreading it. Last year’s JNU and this year’s Ramjas are illustrative. Same propaganda points, same media supported outrage; same use of FOE argument to break India – their ultimate objective – tells you they will not rest till they can spread anarchy across India.

I hope Government of India is really alive to this danger and will take multi-point actions to stop these nefarious plans. What we see so far is government lawyers’ flat footed approach and a sigh in disappointment. They fumble with weak arguments to let go enemies of democracy and advocates of breaking India, sending out wrong signals.

Law enforcing agencies take the months to find video of ‘Bharat Tere Tukade Honge’ authentic, giving enough time to these accused to seek bail and further their agenda. Government lawyers weaken the case of Kanhaiya claiming he is not heard shouting slogans, conveniently forgetting that there is something called abetment to crime. As President of the Students Union, Kanhaiya was there, organising and supporting the gangs shouting slogans, but someone out there is facilitating his release.

There is no time for dilly-dallying. Fight ideas with ideas.  Understanding their violent intent; use law where required, ruthlessly. You are fighting a ruthless Lenin-Stalin-Mao worshipping killing machine out to overthrow democratic system in the guise of fighting for it.  Be clear, it is their last ditch battle to defeat pluralist culture of India with monochrome Maoist culture.