Air India sets world record by flying around the world with all-women crew
स्रोत: News Bharati English      तारीख: 06-Mar-2017

New Delhi, March 6: Air India has made a world record by flying around the world with an all-woman crew ahead of International Women’s Day. The Air India flight (Boeing 777) traveled from Delhi to San Francisco and everyone involved was female - from the captain to the ground crew and check-in staff.An Air India spokesperson said the airline has already applied for a Guinness World Record and Limca Book of Records for this feat. The aircraft flew over the Pacific Ocean on its trip to the United States, while its return flight was over the Atlantic Ocean, encircling the globe, the airline has said.

Apart from the cockpit and cabin crew, check-in and ground handling staff, and engineers who certified the aircraft were all women. The Air Traffic Controllers who cleared the departure and arrival of the aircraft were also women, Air India said.

Captain Kshamta Bajpayee said the flight is a 'symbol of women empowerment. The entire message is actually to encourage young girls who have dreams of getting into the skies and they feel it's too technical or this is something only men do.'

Meanwhile, the Boeing 777-200LR plane covered a distance of about 9,500 miles in 15-and-a-half hours and was captained by Kshamata Bajpayee. Air India had pledged to boost recruitment of female staff with numbers at the airline rocketing to 20 per cent this year from as little as five per cent in the past.Embeded Object