Maharashtra becomes first state to adopt digitalization at legislative council sessions
Source :News Bharati English   Date :08-Mar-2017

Mumbai, March 8: Maharashtra Legislative Council goes paperless completely during the proceedings of the budget session every member was offered with new laptops fitted to their desk. The initiative aims to embrace technological way in working department to cut down the use of papers.Maharashtra became the first state in India to adopt technology at legislative council sessions and will continue further. If this initiative becomes a success then it will be expanded to all the legislative council members. Also all the documents, rules and regulations, other documents will be circulated to the members through the tabs. The hybrid laptops project costs around Rs. 1.5 Lakhs which are installed to the respective desk of the members and the screen of the laptops can be used as a tablet as it is touchscreen. In all, there are 88 laptops, 78 for legislators and the rest of officials of the council involved in the day to day business of the House.

Lauding the initiative, Chairman Ramraje Nimbalkar said that it was a matter of pride that Maharashtra has taken a lead in the digitalization drive. “Maharashtra has become the first state in India to go for digitalization in the legislative functioning,” he said.

The members faced several technical glitches initially forcing many members to complain about the issue. Nimbalkar assured the members that technical issues will soon be resolved.  A majority of the members seemed to have embraced the move. Even though not all of them are computer savvy, they are familiar with the touchscreen technology due to smartphones. Legislature secretariat has also arranged the training for legislators who want to learn how to operate these hybrid laptops better.

State NCP President Sunil Tatkare called it a progressive move. “Though I don’t use computers, I will train myself as it is imperative in this era,” said Tatkare. Also, the State Minister Sadabhau Khot said it will result in greater transparency and accountability. “Members do not need to go different departments in Mantralaya to get information as here one can get on click of the mouse,” said Khot. “Members have to adapt to newer technology to stay relevant,” he added.