Karnataka to set up India’s first ‘Hybrid Solar Park’ to generate maximum power supply
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 09-Mar-2017

Bengaluru, March 9: To combat the challenges faced due to climate change everyone is stepping forward to adopt and utilise the clean energy to cut down carbon emissions which are harmful. After Andhra planned to adopt solar farming, Karnataka joins to develop hybrid energy park which combines solar and wind energy equally to generate power.The state government is coming up with India’s first ever hybrid energy park in Pavagada, in Tumakuru district. The project basically aims to woo investors.

Earlier Karnataka developed the Asia’s largest solar energy park in Pavagada. Now, by tapping into its wind potential, Karnataka too will allow wind energy farms at Pavagada. Speaking about this initiative, Energy Minister DK Shivakumar said: We have already thought about it and are working out a policy to facilitate setting up of windmills in the area.”

A hybrid energy park is a combination of two or more renewable energy sources that would ensure increased supply of power all through the day. The wind and solar hybrid farm would ensure more energy from the wind in winter while the solar panels would produce their peak output in summer. Hybrid energy systems often yield greater economic and environmental returns than the wind, solar, geothermal.

“The location is a landlocked border and almost all sites have achieved the potential. We are covered by Anantapur on all three sides and one can see wind energy farms everywhere. Our preliminary reports have revealed that there is a potential for 250-300 MW power generation,” said a senior official.

Shivakumar also said that “the very concept of a hybrid park is unique. We have places where wind farms have accommodated solar units. But nowhere in the country do we find solar parks accommodating windmills. There is enough wind at night, so we decided tap into it too. Windmills cannot be installed in between solar panels so separate land has been identified in the same locality where we are considering setting up the wind farm.”