2535 Madarsas got recognition to teach modern subjects in Madhya Pradesh
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 01-Apr-2017

Bhopal, April 1: Madhya Pradesh Plans to begin Skill Enhancement Course in Madarsas to provide quality education to Muslim students. Notably state government has given recognition to 2535 Madarsas to teach modern subjects in upcoming year. The syllabus of Madrassas has always been cause of controversy, and this one is also likely to create some dispute between the government and the Madrassa board.

Out of 7401 Madarsas being run under the School Education Department in Madhya Pradesh, 2535 Madarsas have been given recognition to teach modern subjects. Out of these 1254 madarsas have got primary recognition and 1281 have middle level recognition. At least 2 lakh 30 thousand students are being taught Urdu and other subjects.

A proposal in the Maulana Azad National Academy for Skill Yojana for skill enhancement of students studying in Madarsas has been forwarded to the Centre. Once the proposal is approved, courses including Tailoring and Dress-Material, Computer Hardware Assembling and Maintenance, Food Resources and Stenography (Hindi) will be commenced.

Currently, Madarsas running up to Class VIII in the state would be given recognition. Madhya Pradesh Madarsa Board is making efforts to get recognition up to Class IX and Class X. Also the Madarsa Board is also making attempts to begin one year Urdu Journalism Course with the support of Makhanlal University of Journalism. Board is preparing a curriculum based on the subject ‘Vatan se mohabbat ka Islam Dharma mein kya mahatva hai’ (What is the importance of love for country in Islam?) Through this curriculum, students would realize how high a place has been given to the loyalty and love towards their country in the religion that they follow.

At least 1685 madarsas are being given assistance from Centre’s Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madarsa (SPQEM). Each madarsa selected under the scheme would be provided with Rs one lakh for establishing a computer lab, Rs 50,000 for setting up a library and Rs 15,000 for Science Kit. A scheme for filling recognition, renewal, registration and examination application forms online has been started for which there is facility of kiosk at M.P. Online.

Two years ago, in a similar move the Maharashtra government had said that madrasas not teaching formal subjects would not be recognised as primary schools.