Assam restricts govt jobs for those who go on birthing more than two kids
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 10-Apr-2017

Guwahati, April 10: The constant growth of population rate is a serious issue in India. To control the population rate, Assam Government has taken an unconventional step. They have published a population policy draft suggesting that people with more than two children will be denied government jobs in the state.

Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma twitted in his official account those who violate legal age of marriage or have more than 2 children not eligible for govt. employment. Even after getting the job they have to maintain the condition until the end of their service though the draft is not yet final.  All elections held under the state election commission such as panchayats, municipal bodies will also have this norm for candidates.

To reduce the school dropout rate they will make education up to university level free for all girls in the state. The scheme will include all the expenses like transport cost, hostel accommodation fee. This may ensure retention of girl students in schools.

This bill proposes that govt may incentivise poor persons who keep their parents with them and take proper care. The policy is aiming to take proper care of adolescents too. The government will seek help from religious leaders, NGOs, parliamentarians, nd media to communicate with the public and create mass awareness in this regard.

The bill is also aiming at to achieve gender equality in the truest sense, by providing equal access to education & employment and will seek strict laws to put an end to sexual abuse of women.