Venkaiah Naidu releases 3 heritage books on the occasion of #100YearsofChamparanSatyagraha
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 10-Apr-2017

New Delhi, April 10: This year, 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the indigo satyagraha in Champaran, which was first started my Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi to stop growing indigo. Minister for Information & Broadcasting, M.Venkaiah Naidu launched 3 heritage books, mainly “Gandhi in Champaran” today.
The book will bring to the contemporary reader an account of that important phase of Indian struggle for independence. The book aims at reliving, recounting & retelling the experiences that have had a deep impact on Gandhi and how it had shaped the course of our nation’s history.

Embeded ObjectVenkaiah Naidu said that Mahatma Gandhi provided valuable lessons of humanity, compassion and determination to the “Young Minds”. It gave the generation next an opportunity to understand the essence of his philosophy “My Life is My Message”.

Embeded ObjectNaidu also further mentioned that Champaran Satyagraha was first non-violent Jan Andolan that Mahatma Gandhi spearheaded in India. The struggle at Champaran became the inspiration for future struggle for India’s Independence. The young generation ought to understand the spirit and intent of the supreme sacrifices made by our freedom fighters from across the different regions in the country.

Embeded ObjectThe books on Gandhiji would provide a further fillip to the Flagship Schemes of the Government such as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Jan Dhan Yojana and Skill India which have been aimed at bringing about equality and empowerment.

The Minister also released two other titles namely, Romain Rolland and Gandhi Correspondence and Mahatma Series (8 volumes) by DG Tendulkar, published by Publications Division. The book “Romain Rolland and Gandhi Correspondence” is a collection of letters, diary extracts and articles of Romain Rolland’s correspondence with and about Mahatma Gandhi and other writings, including extracts from his diary.

All these restored titles were published in the 1950s and 60s and gave the most authentic account and description of that iconic freedom struggle which has shaped the destiny of our nation.