UN declares four nations from Africa are under the risk of mass starvation
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 12-Apr-2017

Washington, April 12: Drought, political turmoil, terrorism are bothering African nations since long time back. According to U.N. Refugee agency, Northeast Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen is under the threat of mass starvation. In the badly affected areas, almost 20 million people live.

UN already declared that South Sudan is suffering from famine in February. Now further 1 million people have been included in the list as stated by UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards. 'We are raising our alarm level further by today warning that the risk of mass deaths from starvation among populations in the Horn of Africa, Yemen and Nigeria is growing,’ Edwards told in a conference.

Back in 2011, 260,000 people died of famine in the horn of Africa where half of them were children. But this time the situation is worse and fast is becoming inevitable. Children are badly suffering from malnutrition. UN is trying their best to prevent the repetition of famine.

UNHCR wants to make their operation as fast as possible. The obstruction which comes to their way is the shortfall of funding. Until now UN has received less than $984 million whereas has appealed for $4.4 billion for the four nations.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) warned the four countries to have only 3-4 months to resist the problem. "If it doesn't happen now, there will be no escaping a situation that this country already experienced a few years ago, meaning probably people are going to die from starvation and disease." David Hermann, ICRC operations coordinator for Somalia, said recently. But 'Always the problem that we have with humanitarian crises in sub-Saharan Africa is that they tend to get overlooked until things are too late,' Edwards added.

There is no hope for improvement of the food security until mid-year. Due to food insecurity, people are migrating within the border of their countries and a major population of south Sudanese refugees is fleeing to Sudan and Uganda.

Due to Boko Haram militants, aid workers had no access to North-east Nigeria, especially in Borno state. Now when the access is opening up they are discovering more and more areas where people are in need for food securities.