‘Cycling under the Stars’ kicked off to promote tourism in Odisha
Source :News Bharati English   Date :12-Apr-2017

Bhubaneshwar, April 12: Researchers say that cycling improves the overall metabolism and is beneficial for one’s health. Cycling every day can reduce 90% of your health hazards that most of us face in this hustle-bustle life. Considering this, a group of cyclists in Odisha rode from Puri to Konark and way back to soak in all the peacefulness of the nature during mid-night.
‘Cycling under the Stars’ is a midnight cycling event organized by the Bhubaneshwar Cycling and Adventure Club. It is the second edition of the event which saw 61 riders who rode cycle from the far lengths of dense forests and spine- shivering chillness from the sea breeze.

The peloton of 61 riders started their adventurous journey at 6PM from Pipli, halted at their pit stops, ate at a posh restaurant, slept on the sea bed of Chandrabhaga beach and returned back to Pipli the other morning by 8:30AM. The journey of 160 kms was no lesser than an enchanting roller coaster ride refreshing all your creative juices.

The midnight cycling expedition of these riders experienced ghostly stares, jackals and wild fox growls, pitch dark roads, sweaty body, tiring legs, and solace from the stillness of the nature.  ‘Cycling Under the Stars’ makes the rider comfort in his/her own skin. It gives an opportunity to move in a pack while still enjoying the perks of night life that we often fail to appreciate.

Just like the first edition, the event was a blissful one with no casualties, except a few punctures here and there.

‘Cycling under the Stars’ was first started to promote Odisha Tourism. The event held yesterday stands as an epitome of utmost importance for the other states too.

Furthermore, the idea of midnight cycling is to move away from the hustle bustle life of the city. Midnight cycling helps one to concentrate and observe nature, while some of them do it for stargazing and feel the cold breeze of our environment. It is a great way to experience the tranquility of the nautre at its best and detox body with antural air.