World Bank to develop Jharkhand in 7 key areas
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 12-Apr-2017

Ranchi, April 12: Country Director of World Bank, Junaid Kamal Ahmad is in India and had a brief meeting with Jharkhand’s Chief Minister Raghubar Das on various issues faced by the state yesterday.  He claimed that Jharkhand will receive all the technical help from the World Bank and will rise above the horizon of development in the coming years.
In a 9-member delegation, Ahmad met the senior officials of Jharkhand and spoke elaborately on economic and developmental initiatives in the Naxalites hit state. Ahmad said that the World Bank is the largest source of developmental assistance and is ready to become a long run partner.

The Chief Secretary, Rajbala Verma placed the issues on the table seeking help in departments of agriculture promotion and investigation, agriculture based industry, urban transportation, water supply, waste water filtering and purification, telecommunication and electric transmission.

Embeded ObjectIn the meeting, the CM was particular about development of villages of the State. “Villages are connected with the development of the people. Strengthening Panchayat Secretariat is a way to do it. It will enable the villagers to make their own schemes and implement them. 62 per cent lac and 81 per cent Tasar silk of the country are produced in Jharkhand. Small and cottage industry based on forest produce are being developed in the State. Women are being trained and dairy, fisheries and poultry are being promoted,” said Raghubar Das.

Embeded ObjectTo which, Ahmad promised Jharkhand will be a role model in pipeline water supply scheme and will receive support for developing basic infrastructure, capital expenditure and technical supply.

Additional Chief Secretaries Amit Khare and Sudhir Tripathi, Principal Secretary to the CM Sanjay Kumar, Secretary to the CM Sunil Kumar Barnwal and other senior officers were also present in the meeting.