Somalia Security forces rescue 10 hijacked Indian sailors
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 13-Apr-2017

Mogadishu, April 12: Somali Pirates hijacked Indian Cargo Ship Al Kausar holding 10-man crew for ransom.Somali Security forces have rescued them on Wednesday.Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has thanked Somalia for rescuing Indian sailors.
After a long 5 year gap, this was the third in a row in last month.Piracy in the waters off Somalia and Yemen was a threat in 2010.American. Chinese and Indian navy could stop the torture.But the return of piracy is really bothering the nations.

The freed crew members are healthy and safe.The security force even arrested three of the pirates."The security forces overwhelmingly besieged them and the pirates tried to flee, but three of them were captured," Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed, the deputy commander of the maritime force in Somalia's Galmudug state, told AFP news agency.

Sushma Swaraj has appreciated Ms.Suchitra Durai Indian High Commissioner in Kenya for her good work during the crisis.She has expressed her gratitude towards Federal Government of Somalia, Galmudug state authorities and every citizen of Somalia for their support.

BBC's security correspondent Frank Gardner has expressed his view regarding this situation.According to him, the factors which accelerated the incidents of piracy are still there.Due to drought, infinite people are facing hunger.Lack of employment opportunity is pushing the youth to continue illegal activities.

The problem of illegal fishing of Asian Trwalers off the Somalia coast are still haunting and act as a catalysit for piracy.Though Somalia Security force is now more equipt to handle the challenge.