#YogiSarkar to give 70 lakh jobs and generate self-employment in five years
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 13-Apr-2017

Lucknow, April 13: Unemployment is one of the major crises in Uttar Pradesh. Cooperatives Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mukut Bihari Verma has said because of lack of education, training and job opportunities in the state, youngsters were migrating to other places.

Keeping this in mind, he informed, the state government would ensure that such job opportunities are created in the state that youth not only work for their own development but also contribute positively to the development of the state.

With this objective, the state government has set aim on creating 70-lakh jobs and self-employment opportunities and will ensure that 90 per cent of the jobs created through industries in the state go to the youth from the state. For this, a transparent recruitment system will be adopted, one member of each household will be given free skill development training, establishing of a 'startup venture capital fund' of Rs 1000 crore so that the youth can march ahead on the path of progress with their heads held high.

The biggest 'start-up incubator' will be established in the state and the priority of the state government will be to also establish a 'modern skill development centre' in all tehsils. Verma was speaking at the auditorium of the Institute of Cooperative and Corporate Management Research and Training Center, Indiranagar, Lucknow as chief guest of a one-day workshop. He praised the organizers for hosting such an event.

Because of these efforts, of the 140 MBA students 131 students have been chosen by well-known companies and nine students are such who have chosen not to take jobs at any company but have decided to establish their own industries.

Notably, Centre has said that the unemployment rate in Uttar Pradesh is higher than the national average. Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya informed that rate of unemployment in rural areas was 5.8 percent and in urban areas 6.5 percent in Uttar Pradesh. Dattatreya had said government soon coordinate with the state government to resolve the problem. He said as many as 470 'Job Melas' were held across the country of which 21 were held in Uttar Pradesh.