Japan facing population decline for sixth consecutive year, percentage slips by 0.13%
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 15-Apr-2017

Tokyo, April 15:  The human resource of a nation is very important to make up the workforce of any organization or any sector. Whereas Japan has a very rich economy taking the place of the 2nd largest developed economy of the world, they are facing a challenge of declining population. For the sixth consecutive year, there is a decline in population rate.

A report of internal affairs ministry has informed the country’s population has fallen by 0.13% or a number of 162,000.Japan is heading towards a “super aging” society. Elderly people (above 65) account for 27.3% of overall population, an all-time high number. High life expectancies and a fertility rate below the replacement level may be the causes behind this.

A rise in the number of foreign residents has occurred increased by a record number 136,000.This data indicates the effect of 2011 earthquake, nuclear disaster has become almost null. Foreigners staying for more than three months were included in the census.

The number of people who died in the year through last September exceeded the number of babies born by 296,000 leading to a natural decline in the population. The percentage of productive age group(15-64) fell to 60.3, lowest since 1951.Youngest population (0-14) represents only 12.4% of the overall population.

Rapid demographic change may put a pressure on the total economy. A need for reconstruction of the total system provokes a debate over cutting pension payments, increasing fees for public nursing care services for the elderly and requiring wealthy elderly individuals.

Surprisingly the population concentration around larger cities has not declined. The government will prepare incentives for people living in rural areas to give a boost to population concentration over there. “It is important that we create a virtuous circle where jobs in rural areas attract people and the increased population there creates more jobs,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said in a press conference on Friday.

Shinzo Abe’s government’s target of maintaining the population at 100 million in 2060 is in question due to continuing demographic change.