Sonu Nigam expresses his outrage over “enforced religiousness”
Source :News Bharati English   Date :17-Apr-2017

Mumbai, Apr 17: Many a time a person in his/her life, who is not a Muslim, would have experienced the loud, ear-piercing ‘azan’ being delivered through loudspeakers, and feeling, to some extent, restless and irritated by it.

Sonu Nigam, a prominent singer in the Indian film industry, experienced similar kind of distress when yesterday he was woken up early in the morning due to the deafening noises of azan.

Sonu took to twitter to express his annoyance, claiming that he has to be woken up by ‘azan’ early in the morning despite being not a Muslim, asking “when this forced religiousness would end in India.” This statement by the ace singer comes at a time when the Bombay High Court has directed the Mumbai police in its order to prohibit religious places, mosques as well as temples, from using loudspeakers between 10 PM and 6 AM.

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Although the practice of ‘azan’ is being followed by Muslims in huge numbers under the pretext of “religious norms and customs”, it is interesting to note that in some cities of Muslim-majority countries like Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Indonesia, the use of loudspeakers by mosques have been restricted. Indonesia, a country with world’s most populous Muslim-majority country has also restrictions on the use of loudspeakers.

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One of the tweet of Sonu Nigam states that loudspeakers were not invented during the invention of Islam by Muhammad. Muslim extremists who defend and impose the usage of loudspeakers for deafening prayers need to think over their “customs” need to contemplate whether this cacophony is really required. Muslims could do their prayers without the need of loudspeakers for more than 1400 years.