Soon, you can eat water!
Source :News Bharati English   Date :17-Apr-2017

London, April 17: Over the years, we have been thinking on how to stop pollution created by plastics.  8 million metric tonnes of plastic leaks into the ocean worldwide every year which kills the fisheries under water. While the researchers and scientists are still pondering on how to bring a change, UK’s Shipping Rocks Lab has brought in a revolutionary invention which might curb the usage of plastic bottles worldwide.
3 British industrial design students have invented the water blobs called ‘Ooho’.  It is spherical shaped and completely edible; uses brown algae and seaweed extract to create a squishy, gel like container. The surprise is that you could eat the entire blob or just throw it. If thrown, it will compose on land or ground, and break itself in a week without creating any pollution.

The inventors say their blobs are a “sustainable packaging alternative” that can hold any kind of beverage, from water to liquor and flavoured water. The bubbles can be torn open and poured out, and they can be produced cheaper and faster than plastic bottles. They might cost 2 cents per blob, thus saving your money.

The disadvantage of Ooho is that it makes only one gulp of water compared to the bottle everyone carries. Also, one cannot pack the blob in their bag or carry it with themselves. It has to consumed there and then when bought.  

However, Skipping Rocks Lab in the U.K. hopes its waste-free packaging will help alleviate the problem. These water blobs are currently being sold at pop-up shops in London, with the company hoping to crowdfund $500,000 to begin global production.