Feed everyone healthy food: UN commission to inspect international trade in plants and seeds
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 18-Apr-2017

Geneva, April 18: Famine, malnutrition, food deficiency are worldwide problems. Added to that, pollution is causing harm to plant health. Hence UN commission has started overseeing plant health to set new standards for international trade in plants and seeds. It is vital to feed world’s population healthy food.

It is important to ensure seeds are free from agricultural pests or disease-causing bugs. UN Food and Agriculture Organization wants to take steps about the global concern rising around the threat of transmission of pests, unwanted stowaways, on ships and containers transporting agricultural cargo, especially seeds.

“Unlike other agricultural products that are destined for consumption, such as wheat, barley or lentils, seeds are a cause for greater concern,” said the UN agency.“[As they are] destined for planting, there is a greater risk that any pests they carry could establish themselves and spread after planting,” it added.

Gypsy moths, giant African snails or Argentine ants such kind of pest can really cause the great problem if they are spread because they can invade new environments. To prevent this problem on an international level a new standard has been created to deal with the complexities of the international seed trade. International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has adapted the standard last week. The efforts are aimed at safe food supply chain for a growing global population. Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved without the protection of global food security.

 “Because the IPPC is the only organization to set government-recognized plant health standards that facilitate international trade, the decisions made here will be essential to further protect the world's plant resources, the very foundation of life,” said Kundhavi Kadiresan, FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific.

Creating a “World without hunger” is possible with pest free healthy plants.