Italian town Amatrice suffers earthquake, Mayor declares war on tourists taking selfies
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 19-Apr-2017

New Delhi, April 19: The beautiful country of Italy with the snow-clad mountains encountered an earthquake with the magnitude of 6.2 yesterday. The Mayor of Amatrice, Sergio Pirozzi has warned the tourists to not take selfies amidst the rubble of the devastated community. As much as 300 people died in the Italian hill town of Amatrice. It is one of the strongest earthquakes for the small town to bear.
“Don’t come to Amatrice to take selfies – if you do, you’ll really p*** me off,” said Pirozzi, in comments that were widely reported in Italy. “I’ve had to chase away people who were photographing each other next to the rubble.”

He said locals had gone through enough, losing their homes and livelihoods and in many cases their loved ones, without having to endure such macabre tourism.

He followed up his warning with even more strongly worded remarks on Tuesday, threatening to use a stick given to him by a witchdoctor in West Africa to chase away offending day-trippers.

Prince Charles has been among the foreign dignitaries to visit Amatrice, where three British citizens were killed in the 6.1 magnitude earthquake. The town is expected to take several years to rebuild as part of nationwide efforts that have already cost an estimated €23bn.

Thousands of people made homeless by the earthquake continue to live in temporary accommodation, amid fears of further aftershocks along the active fault lying beneath.