Why Yogi Adityanath has become a SuperYogi CM; Read his 1 month decisions track here!
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 19-Apr-2017

Lucknow, April 19: Former Uttar Pradesh MP Yogi Adityanath is the face of UP’s development today. Standing with his head high, Adityanath completes his maiden month as the Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister today. The saffron clad priest who was much criticised in the beginning of his appointment as CM has awed everyone in his party.

Many portrayed Yogi Adityanath as a poster boy of Hindutva forces. But like his leader in the Centre, the new UP CM has focused his entire energy in pulling out his state and the people of UP from the dark governance of the earlier Samajwadi Party when many communal forces were ruling the State. The devastated common man of Uttar Pradesh is looking at the Yogi as a Problem solver who never looks at the Caste, creed or religion of the person while solving the issues. 

Even, ever since he has been elected, he never spoke a word about Hindutva movement or Ram Mandir issue. All he focused on was developing Uttar Pradesh which he did, surpassing the former CMs’.

Let's see the unique set of decisions taken by CM Yogi Adityanath which are a glimpse of his pro-people judicious rule. 

1. Asset Declaration: After an hour of taking the CM oath, Adityanath declared all the ministers and officers to set out their assets and income over the year. This will identify the rate of corruption. Corruption free UP is what Adityanath mentioned in his election rallies.

2. Paan Ban: Yogi Adityanath knows what the priorities are, and hits the focus areas hard on the second day of his appointment as Chief Minister. He banned no chewing of guthka paan in government offices, hospitals and schools. With no paan spitting here and there in the government offices will help people and surroundings to be hygienic and disciplined.

3. Illegal slaughterhouse ban: The ban on illegal abattoirs was the main agenda of the BJP manifesto. This created a huge rife in the overall UP state. The impact of this decision is to stop illegal money that abattoirs make by chopping animals and birds. 

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4. Anti-Romeo squads: Harassment on women was a common thing to see the state of UP. The particular issue had troubled women for so many years which stopped immediately after Yogi Adityanath launched his ‘anti-Romeo squads’. The squad regulates men if caught harassing or eve-teasing a woman. This will help women to attend their college or work comfortably without thinking twice to cross the less taken road. 

5. The ban on VIP culture: Adityanath urged all his ministerial colleagues to shun siren and hooters and red beacons atop vehicles. Such an action will bring down the arrogance of the ministers and officers. Also, the noise pollution that it creates. 

6. No potholes: Adityanath bluntly asked contractors to fill up all potholes in the state until June 15. With no potholes in the state, there will be more employment coming in. People will initiate business with UP and bring up the good name of the state once again. 

7. Surprise visits: CM Yogi Adityanath paid a surprise visit at Gorakhpur’s police station. He said officers who can’t work 18-20 hours are free to leave. Since then the officials have started working on their described timing fearing CM’s unsaid visits. This has helped in regulating and monitoring all the officials. They will from now on work on time and lazy around. 

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8. Gorakhpur Metro: The new CM has announced Metro projects for Gorakhpur and Jhansi to uplift the standard of the state and bring in more employment.

9. Electricity relief: He gave relief to all the people who were tortured with irregular electricity supply. He signed an agreement assuring 24 hour supply to district headquarters, 20 hour supply to tehsil level and 18 hours power supply to the rural areas. This will start from November 2018 in all the villages and households. This is one of the keys to development. 

10. Farm loan waiver: The state cabinet decided to give out loans to the small and marginal farmers worth 1 lakh. The decision will cost Rs 36,000 Cr to the state and help farmers in economic and social ways. The agricultural outcome from Uttar Pradesh will soar high again bringing in huge profits for the state.   

11. Triple Talaq: As Adityanath raises his chorus against the triple talaq, so does women in UP. He had said that those remaining silent are equally responsible as those practising the age-old tradition. This will help Muslim women to stand on their feet and not degrade them. Adityanath believes women should be brought forward now.

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