Social Media evil continues in Japan; record number of minors abused by social media contacts
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 20-Apr-2017

Tokyo, April 20: The overuse of Social Media has been continuously harming minor users. Almost every day, news on crime related to social media can be noticed. A record number of minors are falling victims to crimes through the use of social media. Many of the victims had unrestricted Internet access, a local newspaper reported.

The number of victims under 18 has reached to 1736 from 1,652. The time from when Japan Police began keeping records, the number has doubled. Though the numbers of victims chatting to total strangers are fewer in number, the number for connecting multiple acquaintances have increased.

There are good sides of using the internet and somehow in present context using the internet is a necessity. Knowing the factor an NPA official has urged to parents for introducing the internet filter. The recent data showed 88.2% of the victims had no Internet filtering. To take required measures, they will organize a conference of online site operators.

The number of victims through twitter has increased whereas the number of online dating sites fell. Since 2003 the number is decreasing due to new regulations related to Online dating Half of the victims don’t have proper education for how to use the Internet safely. Minors also lack awareness of crimes can be caused by social media.

200 organizations with more than 8,000 people across Japan are cyber patrolling or holding classes for helping children use the Internet safely. Student organizations are also helping police to solve cases.