US kills 1300 IS militants in 1 yr; approves arms costing $295 million for Iraq to eradicate Jihadists
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 20-Apr-2017

Washington, April 20: The United states have killed over 1300 Islamic State (IS) militants in last one year. Meanwhile, in order to boost their campaign against IS, the US State Department has approved arms sales worth $295 million to Iraq.
Notably, the figures of IS militants killed were released after a written parliamentary question by Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron. Farron had asked the Ministry of Defence how many IS militants had been killed by British forces in Iraq from December 2, 2015, to December 2, 2016.

In his response, Armed Forces Minister Mike Penning said: "During the period in question it is assessed that there was a total of 111 enemies wounded in action and a total of 1,306 enemies killed in action as a result of UK air strikes.

Meanwhile, Pentagon has approved arms sales worth $295 million to Iraq in order to boost its campaign against IS. The military equipment would include two Peshmerga, military forces of Iraq’s Kurdistan and infantry brigades and two support artillery battalions.

According to Pentagon statement, “These artillery battalions and infantry brigades will operate under the Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Peshmerga (KRG MOP) with the concurrence of the central government.” “To implement the proposed arms sale would also not require the deployment of additional .S troops or American contractor personnel to Iraq,” statement added.

Notably, US-led forces are fighting against IS militant groups in order to save Iraq from six to seven years. On the other side, Russian forces too are fighting against IS in Iraq, therefore, the terrorist group has lost its hold on several cities and thousands of its militants are killed. The US is fighting by air whereas Russians are battling on the ground.