UN court rejects Ukraine request to block rebel
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 20-Apr-2017

Kiev, April 20: The United Nations' top court denied a bid by Ukraine on Wednesday for measures to block alleged Russian support for rebels in eastern Ukraine, saying Kiev did not provide enough evidence to back up its claim that Moscow sponsored terrorism by funding and arming the rebels.
The Ukrainian government had been seeking an emergency interim court order demanding Russians’ control its borders and prevent weapons, money and people from reaching the rebels while the case is heard in full.
Embeded ObjectAt hearings last month, Ukraine accused Russia of sponsoring terrorism by providing funds and weapons to rebels in Ukraine and of discriminating against Tatars and others in Crimea. Russia rejects the allegations.

The court said Russia "must refrain from maintaining or imposing limitations on the ability of the Crimean Tatar community to conserve its representative institutions."

The U.N. court said it expects both Moscow and Kiev to work to implement the Minsk agreements that were designed to bring peace to conflict-ravaged eastern Ukraine.