Andaman Nicobar Islands assures women’s safety, zero crime rates: DGP
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 21-Apr-2017


Port Blair, April 21: In last four years India has raised in crime against women. The crime rate today is a rise of shocking 34%. It is not true that the crime rates were less previously, it’s an Indian media who has got many in numbers and extended widely so many crime rates related to women are easily notified today.
Because of media had pressurized police force to accept that previous steps to curb this has failed miserably and a new approach is the need of the hour. Andaman and Nicobar islands have staked their claim to the utopic scenario of a near zero tourist crime rate and a low rate of crimes against women.

Director General of Police, Rajesh Malik in the recent interview said that the vision of his police force to make women live their life with a freedom devoid of the obsession and fear that has become a part of daily life today.

Malik even informed that Andaman and Nicobar Islands are already working on the safety of women where every Police Station across the Union Territory is established with Women and Child Helpdesks. The police are specially trained to handle a situation of distress including harassment, domestic violence, sexual assault, exploitation and abuse and a Crime Against Women Cell is already functional under the CID against the issues relating to allegations of dowry deaths, demand of dowry, eve teasing, sexual assault.

According to the Commonwealth Human Rights study, the central government’s order for a police force to raise and maintain the proportion of women to 33%, women make up only 6.11% of India’s 2.3 million police force which creates the biggest impact in assuring women of their safety.

Malik says that their island has a police force consisting of 18% female police officers which are comparative high then the Tamil Nadu who previously had the highest female officers of 12%.

Malik even informed that the police conducts surprise visits in public transport, cybercafes, public entertainment areas to prevent sexual harassment and arrest ill-behaved persons.

Malik even discussed the Women Helpline No. 1144 having 24-hour service which ensures women that they are safe. Calls are instantly answered and a response vehicle reaches the site in an average of eight minutes mandatory having the presence of at least one woman police official.

DGP said that with people are free to share true opinions online, to maintain that the island has a near zero crime rate against solo travelers.

DGP Rajesh Malik accepts that the islands have a higher rate of domestic violence as compared to other states in India. According to a 2006 India National Family Health Survey, an average of 33% of women faces domestic violence in the course of their lives. According to him the harassment and molestation are usually significantly increased in wives of men who drink alcohol on a regular basis.

UNICEF’s Global Report Card on Adolescents 2012 says 57% of boys and 53% of girls in India think a husband is justified in hitting or beating his wife.

 ‘SAJAG’ Android app was launched for the safety of women and children but that was not a complete success, Says DGP. Until a permanent internet solution is found due to poor internet connectivity on the island, the dream of an instant panic button cannot be realized. The proposed fiber optic connection from Chennai to Port Blair which the Union Cabinet has approved is eagerly awaited, as he believes many more initiatives can then be implemented.

The number of tourists per year is similar to the entire population of people living on the island which is over 4.5 lakh. The society is a liberal one which is a union of various cultures and values.

The emerald islands offer a breath of fresh air in the otherwise abysmal national statistics that speak of degeneration in society and structure. Diving into the glimmering waters offers not just beauty but also the warm embrace of safety here. The Andaman and Nicobar islands are a tourist haven with a DGP who assures with full certainty that no crime will be perpetrated against women or tourists that will go unpunished.