Out of box thinking is must for good administration
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 21-Apr-2017

Bhopal, April 21: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that self-analysis process should be continued to make credibility and prestige of civil service more effective. He further mentioned that Manthan process will be started again to bring administrative reforms in the state. Chouhan was addressing the workshop held on the occasion of Civil Service Day at R.C.V.P. Naronha Academy of Administration and Management today.

Chouhan stated that contribution of civil service is important to maintain the present system. It is the occasion for self-analysis. There is a need for contemplation on how to make it more effective in the public interest. Prompt and sturdy decisions should be taken to extend benefits to the last file. Focus should be laid on ground implementations while making procedures. Common entitled person should get benefits of the government schemes without hassles.

Chouhan expressed the need for work with better monitoring of good governance efforts and human approach. Mentioning historical references, He said that now civil service is not the service of the government but it is for people’s service. Facilities, specialties and all are for the efforts for public welfare. Out of box thinking is must focusing interest of the poor.

Giving reference of Bhagwad Gita Shlok, Chouhan said that always keep on remembering the specialties of righteous worker. This will make life better. He clarified that public service holds responsibility for 7 crore 50 lakh population of the state. Civil servants should utilise their best talent, capacity and hard work for public service. He told the officers that they should encourage their team members for better performance. Give credit of success to them. All the departments should prepare a scheme to award the persons delivering their best.

He laid emphasis on inter departmental coordination, effective monitoring of good governance efforts and file tracking system. He mentioned that civil service should be considered as an opportunity to do something for our country, society and the people. Recollecting the aims of the civil service, Shri Chouhan said that work will become easier if all the civil servants follow this. He termed the workshop and its subjects relevant and most useful.