Everything you need to know about Britain’s early general elections!
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 21-Apr-2017

London, April 21: Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has changed the face of UK’s politics. As Britain is preparing to exit European Union, May dropped another bomb by calling out for general elections on June 8. Before the elections, the 8 political parties of UK have to decide their candidates and drop their names within one week.
According to British’s election rule, the candidate should be British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen over the age of 18. The qualification criteria has to be followed. The deadline for submitting an application is Wednesday, May 11.

Let’s take a quick look at the parties’ stance in the coming elections:

1. Labour: Labour has said all its current MPs will be automatically re-selected. All Labour candidates in England will be selected by members of the party's ruling National Executive Committee and regional board members. The party will advertise any vacancies created by retirements on their website, but the deadline for applications is Sunday, 23 April.

2. Conservatives: Conservatives will be short-listing candidates for target seats without inviting applications which means sitting MPs will be re-selected. In target seats and those where MPs are standing down, local party members will choose the 3 candidates that are being shortlisted. While, in non-target seats, candidates will be appointed by Central office after consultation with the local party members.

3. The Liberal Democrats: Last year, the party had already shortlisted 326 candidates and before calling the snap elections, the party had selected 70 more. The party is calling out for the other candidates as well. All candidates are selected by local parties, in line with national party guidelines on gender balance and ethnic diversity. LGBT candidates can also fight the elections.

4. The Scottish National Party: All 54 MPs from this party might stand up again. The party is to hold a National Executive Committee meeting this Saturday to decide the fate of the party this elections.

5. UK Independence Party: The candidate process will begin shortly for this party.

6. The Green party of England and Wales: The local parties are selecting their candidates here but if there’s any electoral alliance been arranged then the party will pull its candidates.

7. Plaid Cymru: It will stand for 40 seats contested from Wales. The party has 3 MPs and will be selecting candidates over next week.

8. Northern Ireland parties: With talks still going on at Stormont about restoring devolved government, none of the parties is thought to have selected candidates.