Downfall in Sub Saharan Africa’s tourism due to lack of safety, security
Source :News Bharati English   Date :22-Apr-2017

Geneva, April 22: As reported by World Economic Forum, Sub-Saharan Africa acquires a bad position in Travel & Tourism competitiveness. This Swiss nonprofit foundation has made the report on the basis of sustainable economic and societal benefits through the travel and tourism sector.

South Africa leads in the continent, though Southern Africa has experienced a slight decline. In the region, Eastern Africa has improved. African middle class is still a smaller part of society. The expansion of an African middle class is very important for growth in tourism. Growth in Africa’s average income is still not very high. Due to this factor, intra-regional traveling scenario is not so good in the African continent.

South Africa acquires the rank 53 globally, being 1st in the region. Namibia is the 4th most T&T competitive nation in Sub-Saharan Africa, taking the 82nd place globally. The home to one of the most impressive concentration of natural resources (8th) and wildlife globally, Tanzania ranks 91st. Côte d’Ivoire has raised upwards in the list with 109th rank on the index. Mozambique has also improved its position ranking 122.

The constant fears and crimes have created a panic, insecurity among travelers that has caused the deterioration. “South Africa’s tourism competitiveness has deteriorated on two elements—safety and security (120th) and environmental sustainability (117th),”, the report stated.

“The increasing importance of demand from emerging markets and technology are changing the travel and tourism sector’s landscape at a fast rate … The capacity of countries to respond to and embrace these structural shifts will determine the future success of destinations,” said Roberto Crotti, Economist, World Economic Forum.