After launching in U.K. and U.S., Amazon expands fresh food delivery service in Japan
Source :News Bharati English   Date :22-Apr-2017

Tokyo, April 22: E-Commerce giant Amazon Japan G.K. is starting their new service featuring deliveries of fresh food, everyday products, and specialist gourmet items. Amazon has teamed up with Mitsukoshi’s flagship store in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district for their new service.

Amazon has launched its new service named, “Amazon Fresh” started on April 21. "Amazon Fresh" offers vegetables and fresh fish, as well as daily items such as washing powder, and gourmet products from 27 specialist stores. At starting customers living in certain districts of Tokyo can order fresh groceries and daily goods from a list of approximately 100,000 items. The delivery time will be approximately 4 hours.

A prime membership also can be availed by paying an annual membership fee of 3,900 yen. If the total order is 6,000 yen or more, prime members will get free delivery. After enjoying a free trial period of one month, customers have to pay an extra 500 yen per month.

Assuring the customers about their new service, a company representative said, "Amazon Fresh is highly convenient because the home-delivery aspect means that customers don't need to make numerous visits to stores. Looking ahead, we intend to expand our service based on the customer response." Before its start in Japan Amazon Fresh has already started its service in some parts of UK and US.

Same-day grocery delivery service via online shopping is high competition in Japan market. Ito-Yokado Co,  Aeon Co.,  and Seiyu GK such retailers are competing already.