For peace and a better life, see how some Americans shifting towards Hinduism
Source :News Bharati English   Date :22-Apr-2017

New York, April 22: ‘Hinduism’ rather being only a religion, it is also a way of living life. Hinduism can also be termed as “Indian-ness” consists of Yoga, Meditation, Vegetarianism etc. Mahabharata is a holy book and has all the answers related to our life.
Therefore, crores of foreigners get attracted and shifted towards Hinduism for peace, better life, love, Moksha etc. However, Americans are the one who largely gets attracted towards Hinduism to earn peace.

Danae King who is a Faith & Values Reporter at The Columbus Dispatch giving the true example has said that yoga, meditation, Vegetarianism and more drawing Americans to Hinduism. However, it’s not only Americans but peoples across the world get attracted towards Hinduism because of its unique culture and motivational diaspora.

Daena gives the example of Andrea McCanney who had tried everything to cure her depression: doctors, medicine and all the Western world had to offer. But nothing worked, then at the urging of a friend in 2011, she went to Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple in Delaware County. She sat in front of a live video feed from India of the temple’s guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, and after trying his techniques, she began to feel better.

“He gives you direction,” said McCanney, of Delaware. “He gives you techniques, a little thing to try. You do it enough times and it really starts to change everything about your life. It gives you a new perspective.”Three months later she went to India to learn more. Now, she’s the ritual coordinator at the temple and Nithyananda gave her the name Gurupriya Nithya, which she will soon make her legal name.

Embeded ObjectThere are thousands of such real examples exists in the whole world. Crores of foreigners visit India in search of peace and they get it, most of the Foreigners believe in Lord Krishna, many in Lord Shiva etc. Also, `it is proved that the whole world is slowly attracting towards India or Hinduism as it stands for equality, dearness etc.

We can see thousands of foreigners visiting Mathura, the place of Krishna, Varanasi for Moksha etc. Many scientists across the world have already believed in the Indian Vedas. People are now interested in Hindu principles of nonviolence, vegetarianism and more, he said. There also are often free classes in yoga, meditation and cooking offered at temples that draw people further into the culture.

Traditions such as yoga and meditation can help stressed all foreigners find relief from daily life and transform them. The spiritual tradition doesn’t judge people on their body, race, gender, gender identity, sexuality or even religion. “Hinduism is not incompatible with anything, it believes in oneness.

Hinduism is the world's third largest religion, with over one billion followers or 15% of the global population, known as Hindus. The majority of Hindus reside in India, Nepal, Mauritius, the Caribbean, and Bali in Indonesia.

Prominent themes in Hindu beliefs include (but are not restricted to) Dharma (ethics/duties), Samsāra (the continuing cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth), Karma (action, intent and consequences), Moksha (liberation from samsara or liberation in this life), and the various Yogas (paths or practices).

Alfred Ford American

heir to the Ford family fortune

Alice Coltrane American raised Baptist but became a follower of Satya Sai Baba
Julia Roberts American actress
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