Natural ecology under threat! Japan declares emergency warning of coral extinction
Source :News Bharati English   Date :25-Apr-2017

Tokyo, April 25: Global Warming and danger are now two synonyms for our beautiful earth. There is not a single nation, single race who is not suffering from temperature rise due to Global Warming. Now Japanese corals, the beautiful marine invertebrates are under threat. Japan Environment Ministry has declared the emergency over the rapid death of corals.

On Sunday, the ministry declared this unfortunate prediction that coral could die out in the waters around Japan by the 2070s. To prevent such a disaster, it will be promoting the development of new technologies to transplant and cultivate coral and designate coral reef areas to prioritize conservation. It will also take steps against the root cause, global warming.

The bleaching and death of coral need attention to preserve the coral reefs. The experts of tourism and fishery think the situation is really urgent. Even corals of other places in the world are also unsafe. “At the current pace of global warming, there could be major coral bleaching every year all over the world,” an expert from Okinawa Prefecture told to local media. “It’s been predicted the coral habitat will disappear in the waters near Japan in the 2070s.” another expert said.

Due to global warming, sea temperature hike occurred last year and added to that few typhoons approached the area. That is why cold and warm sea water remained separate causing 70% coral death in Sekisei Lagoon.  A survey by Environment Ministry has presented the data of last year’s 90% bleaching of coral in Sekisei Lagoon.

“Death of coral would make the water look muddy, which will make it difficult to catch fish. We want to advance a plan to cultivate coral more for the preservation of the ecological system,” a local villager Yoshimi Higa lamented.

“Coral reefs account for only 0.6 percent of the global sea area, but they are home to 25 percent of all marine life,” said Hajime Kayane, a professor of coral reef studies at the University of Tokyo. “Should coral reefs be lost, fishery resources and the tourism industry will suffer a huge blow.”

Coral is an important resource in Japan Tourism. Loss of coral can cause a blow to tourism also. The Beautiful sea is incomplete without its beautiful ornament.