Talaq-hit Muslim woman seeks help from PM, CM
Source :News Bharati English   Date :28-Apr-2017

Amroha (UP), Apr 28: When the country is debating vigorously over the issue of triple talaq and seeking ways and means to do away with this inhuman practice, a Muslim woman from AMroha district who is the recent victim of this ill-conceived practice has approached the Prime Minister and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister to save her from the impending doom.

The woman complained that her husband Arif Ali who she married in June 2014, gave her triple talaq through the speed post. She claimed that her husband and in-laws used to harass her for not bringing dowry and sent her back to her parents in 2015.

The alleged triple talaq victim said her husband was having an affair with another woman.

Triple talaq, ‘nikah halala’ and polygamy violate Muslim women’s right to equality and dignity and are not protected by the right to profess, practise and propagate religion under Article 25(1) of the Constitution, the Centre has told the Supreme Court.

‘Nikah halala’ is a practice intended to curb incidence of divorce under which a man cannot remarry his former wife without her having to go through the process of marrying someone else, consummating it, getting divorced, observing the separation period called ‘Iddat’ and then coming back to him again.

Several Muslim women have challenged the practice of ‘triple talaq’ in which the husband, quite often, pronounces talaq thrice in one go, sometimes over phone or text message.

PM Modi and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath have advocated for the rights of Muslim women and called for the abolition of the triple talaq and nikah halala.