Fear of disgust against him in AAP makes Kejriwal ‘introspect'
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 29-Apr-2017

New Delhi, 29 April: The annihilating defeat has made the Aam Adami Party Supremo Arvind Kejriwal sit on a lavish coach in his equally lavish home sipping a green tea-like brown drink and ‘introspect’. The Saturday morning amusing tweet on Kejriwal’s twitter handle admits his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) made “mistakes” and that there was a need to “introspect” and “course correct”.

Surprisingly, the AAP supremo has not lambasted upon Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) for AAP’s dismal performance in polls. Kejriwal has skipped apologising India's most trustworthy globally admired Election Commission and the Electronic Voting Machines, about whom he tried to create distrust. 

Let's see what Kejriwal says in his tweet:

Date: 29-04-2017
In the last 2 days, I spoke to many volunteers and voters. The reality is obvious. Yes, we made mistakes but we will introspect and course correct. Time to go back to drawing board.
To not evolve would be silly. We owe that to voters n volunteers. We owe that to ourselves. The need is action and not excuses. It's time to get back to work. And even if we slip from time to time, the key is to find the reserves to hold and pull ourselves up. The people deserve nothing less. The only thing constant is change.
Jai Hind- Arvind Kejriwal

Looking at Kejriwal’s ‘Hitler’ like Party ruling style and ‘Goebbels’-like style of propaganda, it's hard to believe the claim of Kejriwal that he has spoken to many volunteers and voters.

It seems that the complete surrendering statement that “it was obvious that the party made mistakes and there was a need to go back to the drawing board”, is indicative of AAP insider view. The party on a verge of one more split (First already split when Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav were kicked out of AAP), is in turmoil state. The common volunteers of the Aam Adami Party who has been ignored and kept out of charting strategies for their Party is feeling cheated by the Party leadership.

Unfortunately for Kejriwal, the 'retrospection tweet' seems boomranged the showy strategy.

The comments on that tweets says everything. Lets see some:

"We volunteers have been demanding this via Chanda Bandh Satyagraha since last 6 months now. #ChandaChor"

"Actual destroyer of AAP movement is #chandachor gang that killed founding principles of AAP n r the reason for 6 consecutive defeats. Think!"

"Ppl like me from outside Delhi feels that, it's the just ego of Kejriwal and burying all founding principles of AAP that led to ventilation"

"Subah Subah bahut bura hasa diye bhai . 4 din se mood kharab tha , Ye padhkar mind fresh ho Gaya ."

"@ArvindKejriwal ji keep your "pravachan" with you, "Har kisi ko ghee Hazam nahee hota" You couldn't digest power !"

"He is just trying to tamper the minds of aaptards to ensure aap doesn't break into pieces" 

"Your salahkars,drawing excellent salary,misleading you. Your media salahkars CAN'T manage media. They can only tweet. Remove them." 

"Hum Andolan karenge, JNU jayenge, suicidal ke ghar jayenge ek crore dene ka jahir karenge, par denge nahi"

"What happened EVM story failed ???~"

"Nahi sir, keep digging your grave. Our daily dose of entertainment will b gone. U r the biggest political Chameleon of India"

It is a general feeling emerging in AAP not voiced openly is that Arvind Kejriwal is the only reason that led to APP losing in the MCD elections.

People are expressing their feelings on Social Media:

On Quora one commentator says: He (AK) is the one who collapsed his own party with his own dramas.I think he is only the man in the world who destroyed his own party with his mischievous behavior.he himself thinks as a great leader.People punished him badly in the MCD elections. Its just 2 years passed but people already decided their verdict that not to vote AAP again. from here it is very difficult to survive for AAP as well as the Chief Kejriwal.

One observer says : "There should have been huge discontent and also some opposition to Kejriwal’s style of confrontationist politics. Some senior leaders expressed their displeasure the same day openly too. More than the defeat in Delhi MCD election, Kejriwal was worried about his future in the party. Kejriwal never expected the party will range against him. Kejriwal was rattled by the opposition in the party and also public displeasure. He was forced to give a public statement admitting his mistakes."

Further In his message, Kejriwal assures that Party needs - “Need is action and not excuses.” This statement can be attributed to the growing clamour in the party to abstain from the blasting on EVMs being “tampered with” to favour the BJP, and reprehensively covering of the utter failures of the Party heads to gain seats in Punjab and now in Delhi municipal polls.

Kejriwal knows that his massbase is drying up rapidly, people who trusted his Anna Hazare's Gandhian disciple avatar are fed out of his utter negativity and blaming political rants which are connaturalto the anti-national Maoists propaganda. The twitter statement is not from heart but its just an another gameplan to create a sympathy within his Party cadre and in the masses who have already started understanding the false propoganda of the 'proud anarchist'.