To refine rural sports talent, over 13000 sports grounds constructed in Madhya Pradesh
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 29-Apr-2017

Bhopal, April 29: Besides making employment opportunities available in Madhya Pradesh, Mahatma Gandhi MNREGA has made remarkable efforts to bring about social and economic changes in the rural areas. In this sequence, sports grounds are being developed in villages to bring out rural talents and to create interest in sports activities.

The government has set a target to develop sports grounds in every gram panchayat. At least 13,153 sports grounds have been developed in various districts of the state through MNREGA and work in more than 10,000 grounds is in progress.

Detailed guidelines and technical standards have been sent to the districts by the Rural Development Department to develop sports grounds in rural areas. As per the guidelines, the premises adjacent to the school and panchayat building will be most appropriate for construction of the sport ground. This will ensure smart use of the grounds.

The sports grounds are being constructed as per the standard 10,000 square meter and 4,800 square metres. A total cost of Rs 6 lakh 73 thousand has been set for the work which includes Rs 3 lakh 20 thousand for 10,000 square metre sports ground and Rs 3 lakh 53 thousand for construction of hall and toilet. Again total cost of Rs 3 lakh 39 thousand 600 has been set for the work including Rs one lakh 53 thousand for 4,800 square metre ground and Rs one lakh 86 thousand and 600 for hall and toilet.

Rural children are now practicing games in villages where the sports grounds that are ready. Games including football, volleyball, cricket, kabaddi and kho-kho are being played in the grounds. Sports competitions are being organised in these sports grounds by schools and villagers.

There is no dearth of talents in the village. There is need only of resources, which can be fulfilled through MNREGA Yojana. This has increased the inclination of rural children towards sports and they now have the right place to nurture their talents.