Humans may travel to Moon through elevator from Earth if a dream of Indian Sai Kiran comes true
Source :News Bharati English   Date :03-Apr-2017

Chennai, April 3: Ever thought of traveling to Moon? What are the possibilities …maybe you will have to travel by aircraft! Hold on, someone is thinking about placing elevators for humans to travel from Earth to Moon. A Chennai-based Sai Kiran, 18-year-old boy who was awarded with NASA ‘Moon’ prize for this idea of proposing an elevator from Earth to the Moon.
The Sci-Fi movies which build up another world in our heads; humans traveling to Mars or carrying out missions on space stations might become reality. This idea would make a human settlement possible on Earth’s natural satellite. Sai Kiran has proposed the idea and has built a complete proposal around connecting the Earth with the Moon using elevators. Sai Kiran has bagged second position in the grade 12 category of the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest, 2017.

NASA Ames Research Center, San Jose State University, and the National Space Society (NSS) had organized the annual contest, in which Sai Kiran was a contestant. Entries from across the world, only up to 12th grade, were invited for the contest for designing proposed human settlements on the Moon.

According to Sai Kiran, the construction of elevators between the Earth and the moon is possible and will also be cost-effective way towards human settlement on the moon. The teenage, who is a student of British International School in Chennai, has titled the proposal as 'Connecting Moon, Earth and Space' and ‘HUMEIU Space Habitats'. It aims at transporting the humans to moon and eventually settling them there.

He says thorough studies are required before creating the elevators that could be either lunar-based or earth-based. "Since it is not economically viable, the only other way is to have faultless elevators connecting the Earth to the Moon, which will span a height of 40,000kms," he said. His proposal about human settlement on the moon also includes the ideas of setting up recreation, entertainment, governance and agriculture there.

Sai Kiran had been working on this project since 2013 when he was residing in Singapore. After moving to Chennai, India, he began writing the thesis in March last year. "The first segment of the project is about creating elevators that could transport humans and cargo to the Moon so that humans can form their settlements there. The most important aspect was that of gravity as without gravity, humans won’t be able to settle there," Sai Kiran said. He also said that placing elevators would save monetary costs as compared to that of sending humans via rockets.