Myanmar and Denmark join hands to promote sustainable fishing
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 03-Apr-2017

Naypyidaw, April 3: According to the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, U Tun Lwin, the Myanmar and Denmark governments implemented a sustainable coastal fisheries project aimed at conserving coastal fish resources. “It was signed in last December. The project period is up to 2020. Denmark assisted Danish Krone 66 million (K13 billion)”, he added.Adding the information he said that the agreement was signed by both countries in December 2016 and the work has already started in the Tanintharyi region and Rakhine state. The project was signed for the conservation of fish resources as the costal fish resources has been decreasing even though Myanmar has the long coast line. The project will include educating and training local residents with systematic fishing methods and providing necessary assistance for their livelihood and income generation.

U Tun Lwin said “Now the survey is being conducted by foreign experts and local staff for what the local residents need. Then the survey team will submit the report”. “Banning the residents from fishing is not a final solution to prevent fish resources from dwindling”, he added.

U Tun Lwin adding the information about the current scenario said “there are currently two foreign experts working at the ministry’s office to offer assistance as we can’t tell them not to go fishing. They will keep on fishing. We will have to educate them not to use nets with small holes and dragging nets. Our department and the residents have to cooperate”. He even said that government will be supplying the long-holes nets and other forms of income generation methods.

To reduce illegal fishing they will be coming up with the joint fishery management teams. It is expected that the project will help to raise the social-economic status of resident fishermen, reducing post-fishing wastage, supporting with necessary technology for value-addition and other income generation means. The project will be launched in the coastal region of Rakhine state and Tanintharyi region in the hope of benefiting around 4000 fishermen households. If this project gets successful then it will be extended to other coastal regions, said U Tun Lwin.